OCP330A Passport Data Page Cutting System

Oasys Card punches were the first commercially available Bank card cutting machines to use Print registration sensing to provide consistently accurate credit card cutting – having pioneered the technology Oasys now provide a range from semi-automatic to fully automatic, high-speed cutting systems. Products cut include Credit and Smart Cards, Gift and “Hanger” Cards – Polycarbonate ID and eID document pages.

The OCP330A Passport Data Page Cutting System automates the step between data page lamination and the final “binding ready” hinged double page.

Laminated sheets of data pages are cut into double pages with hinges and precision trimmed on all four sides ensuring a consistent dimension for the next process of binding,

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Features Include

  • Processing sheets direct from lamination
  • Cutting all four side of standard double page data page ready for binding
  • Accuracy within 0.3mm
  • Speed: 1800 double pages (3600 passport pages) per hour
  • ID3 & ID1 capability in Polycarbonate

Overview video

Click video above to see a working demonstration of the machine in action.

In response to increasing demand for increased automation – reduced handling and labour saving, Oasys now offer AMR handling on many of their Credit  ID Card and Passport Page production machines.

The machines can be loaded and unloaded automatically with materials being selected, verified and tracked via 2D barcode into and through the machine process.

This has the effect of improving traceability, reducing errors and allowing more comprehensive management of the individual processes and  overall factory management system.

A range of AMR solutions is offered and further details available from Oasys on request.



We understand that factory space can be at a premium. The Oasys machines  are designed to have the maximum output per square foot of floorspace of any machine in their class.


Value for money is the focus achieved through maximum uptime, fast changeovers and minimal stoppage time. Limited maintenance based on proven design with built in diagnostics and remote support. This gives the optimal cost per card produced over the lifetime of the machine.


All Oasys production machines are designed and built with quality in mind.From the frame construction to the use of the best custom configured sensors and the robust operational software.Oasys machines are often run 24/6 in the field and are built to enable this –  35 years of experience says that a higher build cost gives the customer a better performance and a faster return on investment.


The machines are designed to process all the major types of cards from Banking through Gift cards to high security ID. The machines will be configured to customer card sheet format and tooling made to match the materials and outputs required. Formats and configurations of build and processing can be altered automatically to predetermined settings with easy switching of tooling and load unload facilities.


Internet based access to machines enables remote support to be provided – allowing diagnosis and intervention to resolve any issues quickly.


As Specialists in a rapidly evolving industry Oasysprovides  a machine that is able to process the latest in materials,  components and construction.

Clients have the confidence that the Oasys technology is the best value for in technology, flexibility, and productivity money can buy.