Oasys Card punches were the first commercially available card cutting machines to use Print registration sensing to provide consistently accurate credit card cutting – having pioneered the technology Oasys now provide a range of machines from semi automatic manual fed to fully automatic, high speed, progression punches. Products cut include Credit and Smart Cards, Gift and “Hanger” Cards – Polycarbonate ID and eID document pages.

Speeds up to 50,000 per hour with auto feed, stacking and sorting options.

Card Cutting Equipment
To convert pre-cut ISO card products to incorporate various crease and notch features Oasys provide the OCC110 machine. This compact stand alone machine has quick change over tooling capabilities to enable a wide range of product presentations to be established.

Steel Rule Die Cutting Equipment
To complete the range of punching equipment Oasys offer an automatic sheet feed Punch unit which allows competitively priced wooden based steel die punch tools to be loaded. This enables a wide range of product profile presentation to be manufactured with minimal associated tooling cost.

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