Oasys design, build and install a specialist range of Lamination machinery specifically developed for the Banking Card ID / Document Industry

Oasys are the only manufacturer of laminators exclusively dedicated to the production of Banking, and ID cards and Passport Pages. The result is a “no compromise” approach to the technology in achieving the optimum laminated card quality – with the resulting benefits in productivity, quality and yield.

The range caters for a variety of different sheet formats, levels of automation, hourly output rates and different process materials.  The compact OLA series, high specification Single Stack Laminator is available with manual or semi-automated loading facilities.  The larger format range OSS Single Stack Lamination machine provides a higher volume of output but with the same degree of precision program control.  The OMT, our mid-range Twinstack laminator which has the efficiency for higher volume output of separate heating and cooling stacks.  The fully-automated high speed OTS Twinstack Laminator is the high output “flagship” model of this extensive range, providing in excess of 30,000 cards per hour on larger print formats.