Oasys launch revolutionary card sorting facility…

Oasys Technologies are pleased to announce that they have successfully launched a new method of handling and sorting punched card products. The card sorting facility can be incorporated into the well proven Oasys OCP440 and OCP 310 series of punch machines.

As an example, an 8 x 6 sheet format would be guillotine cut into two 8 x 3 strips. ISO cards would then be punched on a 3-Up tool with the resulting cards fed onto a 3 channel tooth belt conveyor. The individual cards are then indexed along this conveyor where an optional turnover device is then used to provide the facility for the visual inspection of both card surfaces. Following this process a further option can be incorporated for testing the RF Contactless operational feature of the card.

The key feature is that the punched cards are then indexed into a unique sorting system. Cards which pass the previous tests are then individually removed by a vacuum pick up process from the tooth belt conveyor, in this case, 24 cards at a time. These cards are then automatically fed into 24 separate magazines. Card sorting can be arranged so that both halves of the 48-Up format are fed into the same 24 magazines, or alternatively, 2 sets of 24 magazines can be fed so that all 48 cards can be loaded into separate magazines.

This feature provides card manufacturers with the ability to have complete control of multiple card artwork presentations on the same printed sheet. This will provide the potential for manufacturers to have combination printing of the complete sheet presentation resulting in potential savings in the print preparation and print set up processes.

This new capability has now been supplied into the industry and is available as a feature on the complete Oasys OCP440 and OCP 310 series machines.

To view the view of a OCP443GIS Punch with this unique Card Stacking facility please use the following link….


For more information please email: sales@oasys.uk.com