Oasys Technologies OCP 333A

New Compact Punch Machine OCP333

Oasys are pleased to announce the launch of a new compact Punch machine which provides combination printing product handling.

The OCP333 Series provides either manual sheet feeding or fully automated sheet feeding possibilities.

Fully automated print registration to produce ISO standard size cards.

The concept of the machine is to take printed card sheets directly from the lamination stage without any intermediate processing and convert each sheet using a system of print registration in 3 axes to create high accuracy cut-to-print, individual cards compensating for the movement of the printed plastic sheets which occurs in the prior processes of printing (U.V.) and lamination.

The machine delivers punched cards into 3 separate shingling conveyor channels enabling combination printing within a sheet.

Oasys Technologies OCP 333A

Some of the unique features of the OCP333A Series include:

• Combination printing process capability
• Complete automation from sheet loading to card output
• Processing of sheets direct from lamination to cut stacked cards without intermediate cutting or trimming.
• The ability to independently adjust each individual punching step throughout the sheet punching process.
• Cutting speeds of up to 17,000 cards per hour subject to sheet size.
• Processing thicknesses of 0.3mm – 1.5mm (see technical specification)
• Flexibility of processing a variety of materials, e.g. PVC, ABS, PETG etc.
• Precision cutting tolerances to +/- 0.1mm to better than 95%
• Optional guillotine facility for larger format processing
• Optional card stacking into magazine facility