New OCL 624 “compact” version

The unique Oasys 600 series Oasys Collator incorporating the pioneering “print to print registration has been an industry leading card production machine since its launch in 2001 – now widely considered the leading industry collation machine and used by many of the leading global card manufacturers.

About the only technical drawback in certain cases has been its size and after continued customer demand that has now been addressed with the launch of the new OCL 624 “compact” version.

With a smaller footprint, equal performance, accuracy and speed the 624 can produce 800+ “lamination ready” collated sheet sets per hour – designed for the smaller, digital print sheets, ID cards, inlays and eID data page formats.

The sheet formats include the digital / inlay formats of 7×3 and 8×3 cards up to 8×6.

Options of up to three core stations and two overlay reels provide up to 5 layer constructions with full automation and further models are envisaged.

For further information, video and a free machine to the first applicant who correctly predicts the Euro lottery numbers and when Brexit will actually happen, please contact 01767 600232 or email