The OMTS-2S ‘Single Sheet’ laminator is a semi-automatic high speed system for the lamination of high quality plastic ISO cards and other products produced in sheet form.

The concept is based on the separation of the complete lamination process into various processes, ie, pre-heating, hot lamination, cold lamination and after cooling, combined with an automatic cassette transfer with a semi-automated load and unload system.

The system configuration means that all these processes are carried out simultaneously, greatly increasing the output in production while reducing energy usage.

These advantages, in combination with increased transfer automation, means that the Oasys ‘Midi’ Single Sheet Laminator is unique and is one of the fastest machines for the lamination of credit and smart cards. The Oasys Twin Stack laminators are used by many major credit card and smartcard manufacturers worldwide.

The ‘Single Sheet’ Laminator has been derived from the successful range of Oasys high speed, energy efficient, space saving ‘Midi’ Twin Tower Laminators and is aimed to support those producing high level products, typically requiring engraved or etched lamination plates, as with MLI/CLI products.