Quality Over Price


Sales Director, Paul Holloway is pleased to announce that Oasys will be present at the forthcoming ICMA workshops in Chicago and Munich and in addition, Oasys will be in attendance at the forthcoming New Delhi Smart Card show in October and the Paris Cartes event in November.

Paul comments:

“We have some very exciting news to give out at these shows – we are planning to announce some significant partnerships which will see Oasys launch itself in to several areas of smart card technology and labelling systems.  Please look out for us when you attend these events.

In addition,  most significant to Oasys and very prestigious for us, is that we have gained our first order for a polycarbonate punching machine in Germany –  right in the heart of our competitors’ territory, we have gained an order for a large scale punch machine which is equipped to process all forms of substrate material.

In addition, our recent successes in China working with government ministries and private organisations, is testament to the notion that being the lowest priced option does not necessarily have to be your prime objective and that quality reliability and track record are of more importance in some cases”.

This is also the case for our recent sales activities in :-




Saudi Arabia






So give us a call if quality is important to you.”


We are destined, I am sure to have a great 2014 and beyond!

For further details on Oasys Laminators and their other please contact sales@oasys.uk.com