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ODG502 automatic double guillotine with print sense facility

The growth of some document types such as ePassport have needed additional handling and processing machines to manufacture effectively – the ODG is an example of how Oasys has responded.

The “datapages” of many ePassports are made in multi –up sheet format and these need to be cut down after lamination into individual units. An added complication can often be the need for a hinge at the page edge which is a different material and thickness from the rest of the page and must be cut accurately between the pages in the sheet to ensure each has the same overall dimensions with the hinge

The ODG is an automatic double guillotine with print sense facility that allows the processing of sheets into individual cut parts with accuracy and flexibility of dimension in X and  Y

Features Include:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Accurate print sensed cutting in X and Y dimensions across each sheet
  • Ability to process different laminated substrates
  • Flexibility for dimensions in X and Y
  • Options available for handling and stacking cut product


Download PDF Specification Sheet >