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OCP700 Automatic web punch machine and collation machine

This machine takes the punched sheets from the OSP 100 and collates them with additional web fed layers which are accurately punched “in line” to allow accurate assembly with the pre punched sheets.

The web fed layers are punched then sheeted and delivered to a manual assembly station. The prepunched sheets from the OSP100 are loaded into cassettes at the station and these are then combined with each other and the web fed layers over assembly pins using the holes and slots. In this way the multiple layer assembly is built up Once complete the assembled  “sheet set” is sonically welded at four corners to secure registration.

The number and order of the layers is flexible and the web fed layers can be fed to the assembly station in different orders. In this way the assembly structure can be varied widely from job to job. However the principle of the system ensure and accurate final layer assembly in all cases.

Features Include:

  • Processing down to 30 microns substrate thickness as above
  • High configuration layer structure flexibility
  • Simple to operate


Download PDF Specification Sheet >