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  • Combines web fed overlay, with pre-printed core sheets to form between three to five layer card sheet sets.
  • Unique precision, print to print core alignment eliminates edge to edge registration.
  • Completely automates the processes between printing and lamination.
  • Handles thin gauge overlay down to 40 microns in thickness
  • Retains a high degree of flexibility, with the ability to handle different card formats in one machine.
  • Options for contactless “inlay” processing are available – five layer sets.
  • Will handle PVC, ABS, PET and PC plastics for the processing of the full range of ISO cards. The “overlay” is handled in twin web format and the core in sheet format.
  • Available as single core, two or three station unit.
  • Proven industry track record.
  • User friendly touch screen control system with self diagnostic prompts and modem interface facility.


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