Plasticard Locktech INC – PARTNERS WITH OASYS


Having recently acquired new manufacturing facilities in Las Vegas, PLI Inc. are pleased to announce that their new plant is fully operational with output and performance levels already surpassing their expectations.

In light of this, and following many years of experience and past performance, PLI have selected Oasys Technologies as their equipment supplier for additional high speed progression punching machinery.

In addition to the expansion of the Vegas facility, PLI Inc. have already expanded their Ashville production site and, in this instance, have purchased two fully automated Oasys Twinstack Laminators to keep up with the demand for products that they are experiencing.

PLI are very pleased with the continued growth in demand for their products, which reflects the high quality products produced and the commitment to customer service that they provide.

PLI CEO, Peter Krauss comments:

“PLI have worked considerably hard over the last year to grow our position in the market sector to ensure we  supply high quality products in a very competitive market with  particular emphasis on customer support.  In line with this, we are pleased to announce the selection of Oasys Technologies as our equipment supplier of choice as their own performance and future long term strategies are fully in tune with our own expectations”


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