Oasys Technologies secure three new global orders for high quality lamination machines for customers in Bangladesh, Russia and Israel.

As we approach the run up to Cartes, Oasys is pleased to announce to its customers and all potential customers that during  week commencing 11th November Oasys secured three orders for high quality lamination machines.  These orders will see laminators going to Bangladesh, Russia and Israel.

Paul Holloway, Sales Director of Oasys commented:

“We are delighted with this latest news and it proves the point that  not  on all occasions, can price pressure overcome quality consistency and best in class performance.  These three customers are already using Oasys machinery  and they have decided to expand their production facilities hand in hand with Oasys, we feel really satisfied with these orders.

Over the last two years some of our competitors have established Asian manufacturing facilities but Oasys has maintained European manufacturing facilities as their sole source of production.  We do, of course have overseas employees in USA and in China where we use these key people for installation and technical support in their home countries and in their neighbouring countries.

We are destined, I am sure to have a great 2014 and beyond!”

For further details on Oasys Laminators and their other please contact sales@oasys.uk.com