Oasys further advancements in collation – The OCL Range

The OCL 600 automatic collator remains a flagship within the Oasys range and since its establishment as the first Print-to-Print collator 12 years ago it has been supplied to many leading card manufacturers worldwide achieving sales in over 20 countries. The Oasys collator is regarded as one of the worlds’ leading machines in this area.

OCL Range

Due to further demand for more sophisticated layer structures and a number of special projects Oasys are pleased to announce that over the past year significant upgrades have been incorporated into the range of the OCL600 Series.

By working in close co-operation with customers, Oasys are now able to provide a very extensive range of collators covering manual based solutions through to fully automatic print to print registered machinery incorporating a number of specific features.

The most recent developments have catered for responding to the needs of the most complicated card structures and, in addition, to ensuring a first class product is obtained.

Specifically, the collators are now offered with the facility to provide four web overlay in-feeds. This facility has the possibility to add very thin overlays to the product assembly enabling “laser” web overlay material to be processed at the same time as the conventional outer overlay webs are added.

In addition the collation machinery has now been adapted to incorporate both integral sheet and web cleaning facilities which ensures that the collated set can be guaranteed to be free of any surface contamination when the final collated set is delivered to the next stage of lamination.

Over the past twelve months installations incorporating these new features have been installed in Russia, Saudi and Europe.

For further details on this range of collators please contact the Sales Team at Oasys.