Following recent advances and developments in our machinery range we are taking this opportunity to host a number of open days at Oasys Technologies Ltd at our UK facility on Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th  and Thursday 29th October 2015, between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.  We are inviting people to Oasys where we will have on view a number of  machines that demonstrate our capabilities and latest technological advancements.  Some of these units will be available in full demonstration mode and others will be available to see under build construction.

Details of the machinery is as follows:

High Speed Fully Automatic Collator based on our proven OCL 600 concept – This particular version includes a manual core feed station.  This machine incorporates two web feeds, three automatic feeding core stations and one manual core feed station.  It has been configured to incorporate production processing for conventional High speed Secure / RF/ ID substrates and also to incorporate collation facilities for contactless inlay assemblies.  This machine is in full demonstration mode.

High Speed Fully Automatic Collator-1


High Speed Sheet Perforation Machine – this machine forms the first part of our recently launched EID product collation process whereby precisely located holes and slots are integrated into individual sheets which are then subsequently handled on a separate machine  which provides precision web conversion to punched sheets and accurate pin table collation followed by a welding process.   This machine is in full demonstration mode.

High Speed Sheet Perforation Machine


Fully Automatic High Speed Twinstack Laminator – this machine will be virtually build complete.

Fully Automatic High Speed Twinstack Laminator


Two Daylight Twinstack Laminator – our most recent development is our 2 Daylight Twinstack Laminator which has been developed to process single sheets through the two towers, incorporating vacuum sealing capabilities and designed to minimise the quantity of MLI/CLI plates which are required within the EID industry.  The key feature of this new concept is the reduction in the number of lamination plates required to obtain a relatively high speed sheet output level.  This machine is under construction

Two Daylight Twinstack Laminator



We very much hope that you can take this opportunity to visit our facility during this period.

To assist in scheduling activities please contact Val Matthews  advising your intentions relating to the visit activity.